Do social media networks expedite the spread of local news?

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Tremendously so, but let's consider the meaning of "news." Social media networks expedite the spread of statements or assertions made on those networks, regardless of the truth or falsity of those statements/assertions. If I want to spread a rumor or a flat-out lie, social media is the way to do it. (Now, of course, the rumor or lie can also be quickly deflated via the same mechanism.) The point is that the expedited flow of ostensible news does nothing to provide an indication of the salience and veracity of that "news."
  Steven Mason Steven Mason
The Brand Mason
on 8/30/2011
social media networks expedite the small news spread
  jeraint kc jeraint kc
on 8/29/2011
From experience I can unequivocally YES.
Side job freelancing for my local Patch for six months was my foray into live local reporting as news was happening.
The pay was gruesome and I eventually left Patch, but the local editors do monitor police scanners and show up to scenes of natural disaster, murders, accidents etc. Many news stories have been broken first by these localized reporters.
Twitter spreads breaking news in a nanosecond and I found out many big news events first via Twitter before it was reported in MSM,
I always scan my Facebook and Twitter for pop-up news stories.
  April MacIntyre April MacIntyre
Managing Editor ,  Monsters and Critics
on 8/27/2011
Social networks play a huge role in today's society anyways. It's no surprise that someone can get what the need to know by a Facebook "like" page, or even by following someone specific on twitter. I can attest to this. I follow Fox News on twitter, and can instantly get any news update when I'm on the go. However, I almost always go to twitter while at home, rather than watching the news or going to Google to find what I'm looking for.

  Kenny Pitts Kenny Pitts
on 8/24/2011
Absolutely. Just as all politics are local, so all news is local- and what is more local than social networking? How many times do you see people walking and texting, driving and texting, eating and texting, ____ and texting per day? We are completely infatuated with all things immediate and interpersonal. We can find out what everyone in our city, town, or clique is doing with just a few clicks. It's hard to think of anything that has expedited the spread of local news more than social networking.
  Elijah Melanson Elijah Melanson
Chemical Biological Radiological,  United States Marine Corps....
on 9/2/2011

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