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10 Most Common Oversights in Digital Marketing | Social Media Today

10 Most Common Oversights in Digital Marketing | Social Media Today

10 Most Common Oversights in Digital Marketing




digital marketing mistakes
1. I have 100k fans in Facebook, I rule: Not really, number of followers doesn’t matter; the work is to create a relationship where healthy conversation can happen. 
2. Don’t have a track of mobile trends for client’s area: With users often using mobile as a searching device, the business has to turn on the mobile strategy. 
3. Making traffic as goals: Traffic can often be misleading; analyzing the visitor’s site behavior can be give monition of your website’s goal. 
4. Same content everywhere:  Will you ever repeat the same conversation again and again to your friends? Spend time understanding user personas; find out where the new conversation is going on. [Think] 
5. Outsource too much or too little? It’s always better to involve in areas like information gathering, which is the core part of digital marketing. On the other hand, you can push yourself to broaden your service or challenge your thinking by bringing in outside professionals. 
6. Waiting for cat to bark? With the entire buzz about social media, clients might only want a social media strategy, that doesn’t mean that their needs end there. Get insight into your client's niche and find out what they want 
7. Not beware of best practices: Yes, you heard me! They gained success under specific circumstances, which might not suit your marketing strategies or situations. Create your own best practices and stick to it. 
8. Settling for mediocrity: In the age of superior technology and unprecedented connectivity, settling for mediocrity is a crime. When direct mail marketing enjoys a 2% conversion rate, how an online marketers will be comfortable with a tremendously low 2.6% conversion rate.  
9. Inconsistent in branding: Branding is not something you should compromise on your marketing campaign. Changing the image of your brand can be a good move at times and also runs the risk of confusing the loyal audiences. Be consistent while choose branding and build a loyal customer base.  
10. Missing out on new marketing opportunities: Digital marketing space is expanding at a frenzied pace. If you want to stay on top of trends, analyze how the new opportunity impacts your client’s campaign.  
If you’ve avoided these pitfalls. Good job. But there’s still some work to do. We need to help others to avoid these mistakes.

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